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The Shell Programming for System Administrators course provides students with the skills to read, write, and debug UNIX shell scripts.

The course begins by describing simple scripts to automate frequently executed commands and continues by describing conditional logic, user interaction, loops, menus, traps, and functions.

This course is intended for system administrators who have mastered the basics of a UNIX Operating Environment (OE) such as the Solaris OE or Linux and who would like to read and understand the various boot scripts and write their own scripts to automate their day-to-day tasks.

This course explores, in detail, the Bourne and Korn shell scripting languages.

The participants in our Shell Scripting training will learn how to:
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  • Identify and use the basic command line features of the Bourne shell
  • Identify and execute the different command types on the system
  • Write a basic “batch-file” shell script
  • Use shell variables in a shell script
  • Use quotes to protect shell metacharacters in a shell script
  • Conditionally execute lines of code in a shell script
  • Use looping statements to repeatedly execute lines of code in a shell script
  • Write shell functions for use within a shell script
  • Handle signals when they are received in your shell scripts
  • Identify efficiency considerations for a shell script


Our current Shell Scripting curriculum includes:

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