Linux OpenStack Administration



Timing Location
27 – 30 December 2015 9:00AM – 5:00PM Dubai Knowledge Village
17 – 20 January 2016 9:00AM – 5:00PM Dubai Knowledge Village

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4 days


Participation Fees

$3,200 USD per participant


Course Description

This course teaches system administrators how to implement a cloud-computing environment using  Linux OpenStack Platform, including installation, configuration, and maintenance.
Through hands-on labs, students will explore fault-tolerant and redundant configurations of Linux OpenStack Platform, and will also look at the future plans of the OpenStack development community.


  • Linux system administrators and cloud administrators interested in, or responsible for, maintaining a private cloud
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) or requisite level of knowledge highly recommended


  • Certification or equivalent knowledge and experience

Course Content

  • Get an overview of the Linux OpenStack Platform architecture
  • Install Linux OpenStack Platform using packstack and Foreman
  • Deploy each Linux OpenStack Platform service manually
  • Manage users and projects
  • Deploy instances, and use Heat to deploy and customize instances

Course Outline

Unit 1 – Linux OpenStack Platform architecture

  • Understand Linux OpenStack Platform features and terminology.


Unit 2 – Linux OpenStack Platform installation

  • Install Linux OpenStack Platform using packstack and Foreman.
  • Create an instance with the Horizon web front-end.


Unit 3 – Qpid message broker

  • Install and configure the Qpid message broker service.
  • Secure Qpid using authentication and encryption.


Unit 4 – Keystone identity service

  • Install, configure, and use the Keystone authentication services.


Unit 5 – Swift object storage service

  • Install, configure, and use the Swift object storage service.


Unit 6 – Glance image service

  • Install and use the Glance image service.


Unit 7 – Cinder block storage service

  • Install the Cinder block storage service.
  • Manage Cinder volumes.


Unit 8 – Networking service

  • Install, configure, and manage Linux OpenStack Platform networking service.


Unit 9 – Nova compute and controller services

  • Install Nova compute and controller services.
  • Deploy an instance from the command line.


Unit 10 – Implement an additional compute node

  • Learn to add and remove additional Nova compute nodes.


Unit 11 – Heat orchestration service

  • Install the Heat orchestration service.
  • Launch a stack using preconfigured templates


Unit 12 – Ceilometer metering service

  • Install and manage the ceilometer metering service.


Unit 13 – The future of the OpenStack development community

  • Learn about the future of OpenStack.


Unit 14 – Comprehensive review

  • Review the installation and management of Linux OpenStack Platform.

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