Android Application Development

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Difficulty: Advanced

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20 – 24 December 2015
Weekly 9:00AM – 5:00PM Dubai Knowledge Village



5 days

Participation Fees

Please contact: +971 4 4355852

Course Description

This course will provide you the essential skills and experience you need to develop leading-edge mobile applications using the Android Platform. Throughout the course, the participants will develop real-life applications, which can serve as a basis for their future Android projects. The delegates will learn how set up activities and UI widgets, as well as advanced capabilities that make Android compelling, such as GPS, mapping, Internet access, multimedia, and on-device search.

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This training is ideal for Java Programmers /Developers , Java EE Developers, and in general for Object-Oriented Software Engineers, Designers and Architects.


  • Hands-on experience with Java programming language or successful completion of our course: Java SE 7 Programming

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • Draw custom views

  • Use Eclipse and the Android ADT plugin to develop and debug Android applications

  • Build flexible user interfaces for multiple devices

  • Communicate between and within Android applications using Intents

  • Create Services to represent behind the scenes aspects of their application

  • Set up text input from the hardware or software keyboard

  • Display scrolling lists and grids with custom layouts

  • Learn to properly handle rotation

  • Parse and display XML from RESTful web services

  • Use AsyncTask to excute in the background long running work

  • Listen and react to touch events

  • Take pictures and store them with the Camera

  • Persist your application’s data using SQLite

  • Use fragments for a modern, flexible application architecture

  • Build sophisticated applications using multiple activities

  • Display context menus, search dialogs, action bars, and other android interface idioms

  • Display locations and paths in a map


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